A Concise German Grammar (repost)

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A Concise German Grammar (repost)

A Concise German Grammar by Timothy Buck
English, German | 2000 | ISBN-10: 019870027X, 0198700229 | PDF | 196 pages | 23,2 MB

A Concise German Grammar aims to equip undergraduates with a comprehensive yet compact account of German grammar. There has long been a need for an easy-to-use guide to the subject that answers users' questions without confronting them with a bewildering mass of secondary detail.

Clear and accessible, including many lively examples of modern usage, this practical book can be used both to learn German grammar and as an essential reference for students of German. Leading the field by using the new German spelling, the book also includes a glossary of grammatical terms and detailed alphabetical guides to prepositions and conjunctions.