Juliette Frette - Playmate Portfolio (Repost)

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Juliette Frette - Playmate Portfolio (Repost)

Juliette Fretté - Playmate of the Month for June 2008
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Use your head with Juliette Fretté, Miss June 2008. She’s the ideal blue-eyed blonde, tall and all natural, with an ample bust, narrow waist and full hips. She’s a feminist, an artist, a writer, and – most importantly, at least to us – a Playmate. Juliette was a women’s studies major at the University of California, Los Angeles, when she first posed for our magazine. “I had preconceived notions about Playboy,” she says. “I never thought that it was something I would do. But I wanted to write my honors thesis on Playboy, and when I found out that there was a casting at UCLA, I decided to go.” She had never modeled, let alone posed nude, but she’s smart, confident and – needless to say – a total knockout. “I ended up doing full frontal nudity,” she says. “It was liberating, and it changed my mind about Playboy – namely, the ways I thought about beauty and female empowerment.”

Juliette posed for a few issues of Special Editions before she was featured as Coed of the Week and Month in 2006. She tested for Playmate, and this time, it was more than empirical research – Hef approved her Centerfold, and she became Miss June 2008. “I had planned to expand my thesis – titled Posing for Playboy From a Feminist Perspective: How Media Images Impact Women’s Empowerment – into a book,” she says. To her credit, Playboy has been a major influence on women’s sexual liberation – it came about at a time when sexuality was censored, and women struggled for equality in the home and workplace. Hef has always been a great supporter of women’s rights, sexual or otherwise, so she’s proud to call herself a Playmate. With a great career as a model, and regular contributions to the Examiner and the Huffington Post, it’s safe to say that Juliette is the genuine article.

Juliette Fretté Bio

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Measurements: 34D-25-36

Juliette Frette - Playmate Portfolio (Repost)

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