Juliette Frette - Playmate Exclusives (Repost)

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Juliette Frette - Playmate Exclusives (Repost)

Juliette Fretté - Playmate Exclusives
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With Juliette Frette Exclusive Playboy Playmate pictures released in the Cyberclub, its time to revisit this gorgeous Playmate from June 2008.

Miss June Juliette Fretté explains why posing is liberating.
Why is a feminist posing for Playboy — again?

When I was asked that question after I posed for the Girls of the Pac 10 pictorial in 2005, for various Special Editions and as Coed of the Month in 2006, I used the excuse that I was working on my women’s-studies honors thesis at UCLA. It was a project called “Posing for Playboy From a Feminist Perspective: How Media Images Impact Women’s Empowerment.” I planned to expand the thesis into a book upon graduation. Although some of my friends and family were unhappy I had posed and my sorority, Kappa Delta, placed me on national probation for making this perfectly legal choice, it wasn’t for or because of them that I clung to this excuse. It was more out of a fear of facing up to my decision. I even went through a period after graduation when I tried to escape the big-breasted blonde stereotype by dying my hair. But eventually I realized I was happier as a light, bright blonde who happens to be big-breasted — and that I wanted to work with Playboy again.

But would I still be a feminist? Instead of arguing, I prefer creating joy, harmony and balance in my own life. Right now. In this moment. On these pages. Now more than ever, I can explain why a feminist would appear in Playboy: because it’s fun. It’s creative. And I feel like it. And that adds to my joy and empowers me as a human being.

Juliette Frette Bio

Name: Juliette Frette
Birthplace: Santa Clara, CA
Bust: 34D
Waist: 25
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: N/A lbs

Ambitions: Ballistic joy and progress: squeezing every ounce of possibility and insanity into my experience.
Turn-Ons: Adventure, intrigue, inspiration, insatiability, mystery, humor, integrity, loyalty, courage, sensuality.
Turnoffs: Infidelity, arrogance, pessimism, bad judgment, irresponsibility, extreme moodiness and “being a pussy.”
A Woman I Admire And Why: Geez, where do I begin? How about J.K. Rowling for being such a genius. And who doesn’t like Oprah?
My Pet: An extraordinary obnoxious shrieking cockatiel named Isis.
Ways I Keep Spiritually Grounded: Surrounding myself with inspiring, nurturing people; immersing myself in nature; self-acceptance.
Why Art Is My Passion: Art (whether painting, writing or otherwise) is a spark of the divine in creation — a spontaneous channeling of yet another facet of the universe.

Juliette Frette - Playmate Exclusives (Repost)